The One Story High Rise™

Real evolution, game-changing evolution, transforms the industry landscape. By drastically reducing the labor and material requirements of high-rise structures and cutting the construction time down to one-third the time of conventional construction, The One Story High Rise™ from Thornton-Termohlen Group has reset the bar and forever changed the way high rise buildings are constructed. The One Story High Rise™ is a critical competitive edge for forward thinking developers and contractors looking for distinct and measurable differentiation from their competition.

The result of decades of development and extensive field-testing, The One Story High Rise™ constructs every floor at ground level and then elevates each floor utilizing the TTG lifting system. Building each floor at ground level radically lowers labor and insurance cost and enables one story, complete with exterior wall, to be elevated and put in place every two days. The system utilizes concrete cores which carry all the vertical load and provide complete architectural freedom; maximizing the usable square footage of each floor.

The One Story High Rise™ is supported by construction professionals with years of experience in delivering multi-billion dollar projects around the world and is endorsed by some of the world's leading architecture, engineering and construction firms. Their expertise and experience guarantee a successful and timely project.

Rapid Project Completion
This reduction in construction time greatly reduces overall costs and allows the developer to be more responsive to changing market conditions in planning their projects entry into the marketplace. It also reduces the developer and contractors exposure to price escalations during the construction process and enables contractors to increase their overall revenue by completing more jobs in the same amount of time with no increased staffing requirements.  

The One Story High Rise™
By constructing each story at ground level, numerous safety concerns are eliminated and workers perform at maximum efficiency. Through this system, the complexity of a 50 story building is reduced to a continuing sequence of 50 one story buildings; each built safely less that 6 feet off the ground then gently lifted into place.

Column-Free Interiors
By utilizing concrete cores as opposed to internal and external support columns, The One Story High Rise™ creates maximum stability and complete architectural freedom in floor design.

Ultimate Flexibility
The One Story High Rise™ can create a high rise of virtually any size or shape and can be utilized for almost any application.

Building Information Modeling
BIM technology is used throughout the development of a TTG High Rise to ensure the accurate realization of the developers' vision and the identification and elimination of any potential design and engineering clashes before construction begins.

Structural Weight Reduction
By maximizing the structural efficiency of concrete and steel, The One Story High Rise™ cuts total structural weight by almost 50% compared to conventional construction; directly reducing labor and material costs.

No Tower Cranes Required
The One Story High Rise™ eliminates the need for expensive high-rise cranes as well as the potential for delays due to high winds or mechanical breakdown.

"The Thornton-Termohlen structural system's significant reduction in overall building weight is a win-win for designers and owners. As a designer, lower weight means less structure frame and foundation – this is a huge advantage in seismically active areas. Owners benefit from lower overall building costs, and the ability to potentially build on sites previously deemed uneconomical to develop." Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., Langan Engineering & Environmental Services.