• Provide a single-use license right for the TTG System™, which allows the developer the ability to utilize the system on the given project to maximize cost savings and efficiency.
  • Provide client with copies of the TTG Design and Construction Sequence Material.
  • Provide recommendations to Licensee regarding the compilation of the basic design team to include architect(s), structural engineer(s), MEP engineer(s) and geo-technical engineer(s).
  • In the event that Licensee has some of the basic team in place, TTG will meet with those firms and assess their capabilities to produce the results r equired in the use of BIM production of the TTG System™.
  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the incorporation of the TTG Licensed Technology into the Licensed Project.
  • During the Design-Development Phase of the Licensed Project, develop and attend regularly scheduled meetings with the entire design team (either in person or via teleconference and/or videoconference).
  • Meet and assess Licensee’s current general contractor and any other proposed members of the construction team.
  • Assist the Design Development team in presenting and receiving approval of the TTG System to the involved building officials in the municipality in which the project is to be constructed.
  • Respond to written inquiries by the design team within one (1) business day of receiving the written inquiry.
"The TTG System maximizes the structural efficiencies of steel and concrete to create a strong and safe structural frame that weighs about 40% less than comparable all-concrete structures and meets all applicable building and seismic codes. This results in a reduction of 40-50% in structural and foundations costs." Dr. Charles Thornton, P.E.
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