With the TTG System, innovation begins before you even break ground. As part of the system, high rises are designed around central concrete cores instead of the traditional use of multiple internal and external support columns. This not only makes ground level construction possible but provides complete architectural freedom and maximizes the usable square footage on every floor.

Once the cores have been completed, every floor is constructed at ground level then elevated to its place using the TTG Lifting System – one floor every two days! Labor hours are radically diminished by constructing each floor at ground level – saving time and significantly reducing overall insurance costs.

β€œThe TTG System maximizes the structural efficiencies of steel and concrete to create a strong and safe structural frame that weighs about 40% less than comparable all-concrete structures and meets all applicable building and seismic codes. This results in a reduction of 40-50% in structural and foundations costs.β€œ Dr. Charles Thornton, P.E.
Haiti Hospital