For mid-rise and high-rise developers, the TTG System™ may be the single greatest tool they have to ensure a profitable and successful project. By utilizing the TTG System™, developers are able to:

1. Better Time a Project's Entry into the Market
By virtue of the fact that buildings completed with the TTG System™ can be built in one-third the time of conventional construction, developers are able to either wait further into an upturn cycle to confirm a market recovery, or ensure that their project is the first to come to market and secure needed leases or sales. In a mature market, the TTG System™ ensures that a developer's project is completed on time and on budget and reduces the risk of having construction delays push the project into a market downturn, extending the sales program and reducing profits.

2. Build a "Recession-Proof" Building
Since buildings completed with the TTG System™ can be completed quicker and for about 1/3 less cost that conventional construction, developers benefit from a built-in "hedge" against market recession or increases in building costs. Furthermore, price escalation on the project is virtually eliminated through the reduction of change orders and timely completion of the project. By building in one-third the time with minimal delays, the bids your general contractor secured at the beginning of the job are still valid and your project is completed on budget.

3. Secure a Competitive Advantage
Put very simply, if you build for less with the TTG System™, you can sell for less and still make full margins while giving your project a competitive advantage over other non-TTG buildings. Also, by reducing the building costs so significantly, developers have the option to include additional features, nicer amenities or higher lease incentives to bolster sales and ensure a rapid return of capital.

4. Complete More Projects
By building in one-third the time and improving the odds for a successful sales campaign with the TTG System™, developers are able to reduce the amount of capital required for each project and can profitably complete each project in a significantly shorter period of time. This rapid cycling of capital can pave the way for exponential growth and record-breaking profits within you organization.

5. Simplify the Development Process
Thornton-Termohlen Group provides complete design-build consultation and can ensure that your project maximized the efficiencies and cost reductions available with the TTG System™ by consulting with your development team or helping to assemble one for you with industry leading experts that are familiar with the unique advantages of our system.

Call TTG today and discover how we can help you maximize your returns and put you on the road to exponential growth. We look forward to hearing from you.

"The Thornton-Termohlen structural system's significant reduction in overall building weight is a win-win for designers and owners. As a designer, lower weight means less structure frame and foundation – this is a huge advantage in seismically active areas. Owners benefit from lower overall building costs, and the ability to potentially build on sites previously deemed uneconomical to develop." Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., Langan Engineering & Environmental Services.
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