For contractors, the TTG System™ may be the single greatest opportunity to maximize efficiency and deliver a successful, timely and on-budget project for their clients while still being able to significantly improve their annual revenues and profits. By utilizing the TTG System™, contractors are able to:

1. Increase Company Revenues
By virtue of the fact that buildings completed with the TTG System™ can be built in one-third the time of conventional construction,contractors are able to complete three projects within the same time frame, as it would normally take to complete one project using conventional construction. This maximizes the company's revenue opportunities, effectively completing several projects in the same time frame with virtually no increase in staff requirements.

2. Easily Adapt to the TTG System™
The brilliance of the TTG System™ is that it requires virtually no new labor skills or customized equipment. Workers trained in today's conventional high-rise construction can easily adapt to the TTG System™. Productivity and job satisfaction are greatly increased because of the work methods and safe working environment.

3. Take Advantage of BIM Design
Interpretation of construction documents is enhanced through the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM design reduces change orders (RFI's) and streamlines the construction process improving builder/client relations and overall efficiency.

4. Achieve Better Time Management
Achieve Better Time Management The efficiency in time savings translates into more effective material sourcing, material management and logistics. With predictable construction times (usually 1 floor every two days), materials can be Acquired and delivered in an efficient manner, optimizing cash flow and ensuring productivity. In addition, work progresses more rapidly with materials readily accessible at ground level.

5. Provide a Safer Work Environment
By constructing each story at ground level, numerous safety hazards are eliminated and workers perform at maximum efficiency. In addition, ground-level construction reduces down time due to wind and weather, and drastically reduces overall insurance costs.

Call TTG today and discover how using the TTG System™ as a contractor will not only greatly increase revenue opportunities for your company but also set your company apart as a leader in innovative contracting processes. We look forward to hearing from you.

"Building 6 feet off the ground with the TTG System will allow me to maximize productivity and complete our work in a fraction of the time normally required for a conventional building." Dave Schuff, Schuff Steel