Meet the Principals

Imagine constructing an entire high rise in a way that all floors can be built safely at ground level and no worker needs to be more than 6 feet off the ground, building story after story without the use of a single high rise crane, cutting total structural weight in half and tower construction time down to one-third, dramatically reducing interim interest and insurance costs.

Now, Imagine putting all of these advantages to work for you on your next high rise structure. Whether you’re a developer, general contractor, or design professional, the TTG One Story High Rise System is the key to ensuring timely, on budget completion of your project.

The TTG One Story High Rise System from TTG Corporation is the only process of its kind in the world. The product of decades of research and field testing, the system marks a true revolution in how high rises are designed and built. 

The TTG One Story High Rise System is your path to success. An efficient process makes for an efficient project, so TTG has integrated the latest in design technology into the system. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is utilized throughout the design and development of the TTG System™ to provide complete 3D designs for the project and to ensure that all key members of the design and development team have a unified vision and have identified all potential clashes in design to virtually eliminate the need for delays and change orders during construction. A precise plan for precise execution.

“The TTG System maximizes the structural efficiencies of steel and concrete to create a strong and safe structural frame that weighs about 40% less than comparable all-concrete structures and meets all applicable building and seismic codes. This results in a reduction of 40-50% in structural and foundations costs.“ Dr. Charles Thornton, P.E.
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Southwest Student Housing Project, Tempe, AZ